Welcome to Barone Beauty Academy

If you are interested in attending please call (570-325-7534) or text us (570-220-7861),

as we are having difficulties with our request form.

We are excited to announce that we will be having a night class for our August class!!

Day class hours will be 8:15am-4pm

Night class hours will be 1:15pm-9pm

Our upcoming classes for 2016 are:

August 1
October 3
December 5

Text us today to start the enrollment process 570-220-7861

Looking to book an appointment with our students please call 570-326-7534

Everyone can be beautiful. At Barone Beauty Academy, we will enable you to bring beauty to your clients through creative styling and fashion insights. Barone Beauty Academy is a trendy educational facility, offering the skills and creative spark necessary for a successful career in the ever-changing and highly competitive beauty industry.

In addition to personal attention, learning is enhanced by industry guests, and a trip to  New York City. Barone Beauty Academy also provides extensive product training, fashion classes, and valuable career-building advice and counseling through financial and resume classes.

Barone Beauty Academy hosts a unique and personalized learning environment where qualified teachers are available to give our students thorough instruction in cosmetology. Our staff is trained in the TIGI hair cutting and coloring system, used by renowned stylists throughout the United States and Europe. It is a very aggressive and creative curriculum. Fashion classes are also held each season to bring you the very latest trends and teach you how to blend the worlds of Cosmetology and Fashion. We are committed to ensuring that our students are:

Innovative Cosmetologists
Salon Business Savvy
Fashion Ambassadors to Their Clients

Barone Beauty Academy Code of Ethics

This School . . .

1. Works hard to train qualified cosmetologists to serve patrons professionally.
2. Strives to keep abreast of ever-changing developments and new techniques.
3. Observes all laws, rules, and regulations issued by the State Board of Cosmetology and Health Department, and other guidelines set forth by the state of Pennsylvania.
4. Employs the latest teaching methods by way of reading materials and attending teachers’ refresher and advanced courses, workshops, and trade shows.
5. Takes part in educational conferences and regional meetings in order to enhance the cosmetology profession.
6. Makes use of acceptable teaching techniques and training aids in order to provide the best possible training for its students.
7. Maintains honest and fair relationships with its staff, students, patrons, State Board, and other schools.
8. Purchases only high grade equipment, cosmetics, and supplies to be used for instruction of its students.
9. Advertises truthfully and makes honest representations to its students.
10. Refrains from making criticism, which reflects unfavorably on other schools and the cosmetology profession.