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Everyone can be beautiful. At Barone Beauty Academy, we will enable you to bring beauty to your clients through creative styling and fashion insights. and weight loss through Keto Dieting Barone Beauty Academy is a new, premier educational facility, offering the skills and creative spark necessary for a successful career in the ever-changing and highly competitive beauty industry.

In addition to personal attention, learning is enhanced by lessons from guest artists and a trip to major fashion centers like New York City. Barone Beauty Academy also provides extensive product training, behind-the-scenes fashion experience, and valuable career-building advice and counseling.

Barone Beauty Academy provides a unique and personalized learning environment where our qualified teachers use the latest techniques to give thorough instruction in cosmetology. Our staff is trained in the Tony & Guy cutting system, used by renowned stylists throughout the United States and Europe. It is a very aggressive and creative curriculum. Demonstrations are given by Tony & Guy Representatives as well as other guest stylists from all over the country. Fashion classes are also held each season to bring you the very latest trends and teach you how to blend the worlds of Cosmetology and Fashion. We are committed to ensuring that our students are:

  • Innovative Cosmetologists
  • Salon Business Savvy
  • Fashion Ambassadors to Their Clients
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